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Business Application Development Framework & Toolkit

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Business Application Development Framework & Toolkit

APhPS is a specialist framework for building interactive, transactional business applications.


With APHPS you can build enterprise applications without programming. Whether you’re building a new ecommerce web application, a customer relationship management solution or modernising a legacy application, APhPS will help you do this efficiently and quickly.


APhPS includes its own forms designer offering a comprehensive visual developer experience. The designer can generate both the presentation and the service layer components enabling very rapid development. Application mock-ups can be built in minutes.


APhPS includes a graphical drag-and-drop workflow designer that lets you design your business process flows by simply assembling tasks. It's embedded workflow controller provides enhanced page and operations flow control and comprehensive state management.

Components For Business Applications

APhPS includes a library of components with built-in Ajax functionality. With these components, web deployed user interfaces can be developed with a level of functionality and interactivity previously reserved for thick-client applications.

Built in components

APhPS components simplify the task of business service development and object relational mapping by virtue of its highly declarative metadata based development style. The components offer data interaction and visualization in a way that makes rich client application development easier than ever.

These powerful components are visually designed and customized to allow declarative access to relational databases and web services. The business components can implement custom business functionality, declarative validation, security, as well as advanced functionality.

The APhPS framework is fully extensible. You can custom build the components that are specific to your business.

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Rich in features


Create simple and advanced forms with the embedded form builder. Choose the implementation from a choice of database back-end, web…

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Define your business processes by creating workflows  with the embedded workflow builder.


Define user groups, create users and manage access rights.


Define your application menus and easily organise the navigation within your application.

Template Builder

Define templates using the integrated editor and use it for all your reports and customer output such as statements, advices,…


Credit and edit messages and labels in various languages and manage your locale by defining formatting of date, time, currency…


Define all your application parameters via an easy to use and standardised structure.

Payment Gateways

Building an e-commerce application?Integrate with popular payment gateways such as Paypal.

Content Management

APhPS comes with an integrated content management system and can also be integrated with other popular CMS packages such as…

SMS Gateway

Need to send alerts? Use the integrated SMS gateway to send alerts when certain actions happen.

Package & Deploy

Package your application and deploy it easily on other environments or ship it to your customers.


Multi-channel Clients

APhPS applications can be developed with an eye towards a variety of delivery methods. The framework supports direct implementation of web-based interfaces and mobile delivery, including support for all recent browsers. This is as simple as designing the application to utilize the appropriate components catered to the delivery methods of choice. In many cases the components utilized to implement one delivery method can provide support for others with no changes needed.

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